Yoga Studio Shooting 1-min. summary with self-defense tips

Summary of the Yoga Studio Shooting

Friday November 2nd a man with a history of posting disturbing (anti-women) YouTube videos walked into a yoga studio in Tallahassee Florida. He pretended to be interested in studying with the group but then began to shoot at seemingly random people. One member of the class attempted to stop the yoga studio shooting by grabbing the gun while the shooter reloaded, but the shooter got it back. The same man then grabbed a broom and struck the shooter who, at some point, took his own life. Two are dead, two are recovering in hospital, including a woman who was shot nine times, and a few more have already been treated and released.

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Self-Defense Tips from the Yoga Studio Shooting

1) Improvised weapons are an important part of self-defense training. What’s around you now that could be used to strike someone? How would you swing it (actually practice, slowly at first)?
2) Attacking a gunman from the side is an important part of self-defense training. Approach from an angle from the back, firmly hold the gun, thigh/kick-to-groin until you can thigh-to-head. Find a FAST Defense or Krav Maga instructor to learn this. Here is a video of how Krav Maga teaches a similar move, but I like the FAST Defense variety better (2 hands gripping the gun) because pulling the gun out of an attacker’s hand can easily go wrong as it did in the yoga studio shooting, and groin kicks incapacitate faster than face punches.
3) People can survive many, many gunshots so don’t give up. Remember, one victim of the yoga studio shooting is recovering with nine wounds! 
4) You never know when a crazy person is going to walk into the door of your business, be vigilant especially if your patrons are not (such as when focusing on movements). Consider keeping the front door locked and only allowing entrance when a “greeter” opens the door. 
To learn more self-defense skills see my books for elementary kids and high-school and college ladies!
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