Pushed Off Bridge: What if it Was You?

Teen Pushed Off Bridge from nypost.comToday, I use news stories about Moulton Falls Teen Girl Pushed Off Bridge August 7 2018 to teach tips that might benefit you in similar situations. It is not my intention (or my place) to imply anyone involved did anything wrong. And, only the person facing people-danger has enough information to choose the best response.

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My Summary and Commentary

Some teenagers were at Moulton Falls Regional Park near Portland Oregon. They lined up to jump off of a bridge and land in water below. It’s illegal to jump there. But, lots of kids and adults do it. And, some get seriously injured. One girl (Jordan) had second thoughts when it was her turn and hesitated. Another, slightly older girl (Taylor), gave her a shove.

Jordan hit the water badly. We can assume she would have hit it better if she willingly jumped. Initially, news reports implied Taylor’s identity was unknown and she was much older. Later, she was accused of acting as if she didn’t care that she contributed to Jordan’s serious injuries. Lately, news reports have clarified that Taylor is 18, only 2 years older than Jordan. Some have implied that they are [were?] friends. Furthermore, authorities are considering charging Taylor with a crime.

Tips Related to Teen Girl Pushed off Bridge:

#1 Just because your friends jump off a bridge, that doesn’t make it a good idea for you

That’s a bit obvious. And, it’s a cliche. But, let’s not forget both Jordan and Taylor were participating in an activity they knew to be high-risk. It’s not my place to say you need to play it safe all the time. But, don’t fail to notice risky choices of friends or activities for what they are.

#2 If you are shoved from behind, turn with the push, letting it move you forward, while raising the arm on that side.

There is no “move” I know of that could have been used by Jordan to prevent her falling off the bridge since she could not step on ground in front of her. But, the move I explained above is a great one to know. It keeps you from falling due to the push (unless you are pushed off bridge) and puts you in a position to see and, if necessary, attempt to strike the person who pushed you.

#3 When you get an impulse to do something funny, quickly imagine through what is likely to happen next.

I suspect Taylor thought pushing Jordan would be funny and maybe helpful to Jordan. Sometimes people need a push from a friend to do something they fear. However, this is not one of those times. I suspect it didn’t occur to Taylor that Jordan would be very likely to mess up the landing if she was pushed rather than mentally prepared to jump. It’s nice there are comedians in the world. And, acting on impulse doesn’t usually cause problems. But, in the rare case it does, it might be a problem big enough to get the whole internet mad at you. Think before you act to avoid that.

#4 In the aftermath of an emergency, consider how your actions will be interpreted.

I don’t know if Taylor is as heartless as news reports make her seem. The media does go overboard to hype stories like Teen Pushed Off Bridge. If she feels no remorse for what she did though, it’s probably not her fault. After all, our feelings are products of our genetics and upbringing. Still, what we do with our feelings are choices. If you are ever in a situation where something you did could be interpreted as super-duper wrong, immediately display actions others would interpret as showing you are super-duper sorry. Even if you think everyone mad at you is wrong, don’t be defensive about it. If you can’t be sorry for what you did, be really, really sorry the situation happened.

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