Sylvain Gauthier, weird attack story, 2 min summary

See Original: 380 Man Lost an Eye Assaulted with a Hammer after He Attack a Pregnant Woman in Montreal.– Live Leak Video   Man fined in violent hammer attack, featuring witness in a cow costume– Montreal Gazette  From what I piece together:  A couple argued as a group passed them. One group member (Sylvain Gauthier) got weird and made the couple leave for the safety of a convenience store. He followed them to the store and aggressively contacted the woman. Her partner struck him with a hammer many times while bystanders tried to help end the confrontation safely. In a questionable judgement, both the partner and man who started the fight were arrested but the man who defended his pregnant wife got a harsher punishment.

So, hammer attacks are survivable. And, you can do a darned good job of making self-defense decisions and still get in trouble. If the defender did anything wrong (in my opinion) it was stopping his strikes a little too late. The self-defense classes I recommend all make a really big deal out of training a person to stop striking once the defender is flat on the ground, as Sylvain Gauthier was.

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