Shot over Parking 2 Min. Summary

See Original: Authorities issue arrest warrant in Paulsboro murder– 6 ABC.  Davontae Randall was shot dead after a fist fight, possibly he was shot over parking. His mother implies it started with him almost being hit by the parking car. She says he was “a big teddy-bear” and, to his killer: “Me being a Christian woman, I have to forgive him to start my healing, so I forgive him. I want him to turn himself in. That way I can get justice and closure for my son.”

Can a “big teddy-bear” get in a fist fight after almost being hit by a car? Actually yes. Adrenaline clouds thinking and can turn a forgiving person into a fighter. Can fist fights surprise you by turning into gun fights? Oh yes they can. So, that’s how a person can end up shot over parking. Train to avoid fist fights and you limit your chances of being shot over parking. FAST Defense courses are a great way to do this! 

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