My Kavanaugh / Ford opinion

My whole twitter feed is about Kavanaugh who might or might not become the next member of the supreme court. Judging by my twitter feed, everyone but me has it all figured out and knows for sure that he is guilty of sexually assaulting a girl when he was in high school or knows for sure democrats made-up the allegations to mess with our political process.

Really? Maybe he did it and maybe he didn’t. Of course a woman who is sexually assaulted may not make this known until she sees a really good reason to. Too, in most cases, I feel that if a person did something really bad 20 years ago and never got caught but never did it again, we should just let it go. Resources should be put in to preventing future bad deeds, not seeking revenge on those who committed past ones. It’s not like we’re afraid he will be a bad judge because he may force himself on coworkers.

But, the process of either putting Kavanaugh on the supreme court or not putting him on the supreme court is basically a job interview. So, I’ve finally made up my mind that we should pick a different candidate for this job. If he is falsely accused, I feel badly about it. But we only get to pick one person for this job and I think we should pick someone else. The side benefit to nobody really caring what I think about this is that education about sexual assault is finally getting the press it should!

See Original: Trump questions why Christine Blasey Ford didn’t go to the authorities right after her alleged assault. Here’s why sexual assault is often not reported.

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