Improvised Weapon: Cleaver v. Shovel 1 Min. summary

See Original: Las Cruces man suspected of using meat cleaver in fight– Las Cruces Sun News.  (improvised weapon = a thing, usually used for another purpose, used as a weapon)

A man was to be evicted from a property. He was seen at the property, so a do-gooder took photos as evidence.  When he realized he was being photographed, he grabs a meat cleaver and runs towards the photographer. 
Another man witnessed the incident and started yelling. Then the meat-cleaver guy runs at him while photographer drives away with his baby in the back seat.

The yeller defends himself with a broken shovel handle and sustains only minor injuries.


It’s cool the yelling guy saved the other guy, and that he could use an improvised weapon so well. But, what was the photographer guy thinking?? He had a baby with him, why didn’t he just drive away and call the police? Don’t confront scary people over property crimes. Confront scary people attacking others only if you are willing to accept the risk you may be attacked next.

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