Find a Course

There are lots of great self-defense courses around the world. But, a beginner can’t tell the difference between a great course and a not-so-great. Here are links to organizations I know to teach great ones!

Model Mugging (15 US cities, 3 in Europe… LA age 12-15 Aug 25; Seattle Aug 25/26; Seattle age 12-15 Aug 27; Claremont/Pomona Sept 15/16; Atlanta Oct 13/14; Denver Oct 20/21; Oahu Oct 20/21;Philly Oct 27/28; NY Nov 3/4, )

IMPACT of Northern New Mexico (now called Resolve, Santa Fe Sept 16)

IMPACT (10 US cities, Israel, UK…September schedule: San Francisco, Oakland, Palo Alto [age 12-16] Alameda, Sherman Oaks, Denver, Chicago, DC. November: Boston Area)

FAST (AUS, CAN, EU, MX, and about 1 per US state)

Prepare Inc New York

RMCAT (this one is a destination vacation with a course!)

There may be a martial arts school in your area that has long-term classes which include self-defense. I found video of one in Vancouver Canada. I also do this in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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