Cody Wilson news 2 minute summary

Cody Wilson is in the news again…

Cody Wilson

See Original: AUTHORITIES WAITING: 3D printed guns creator deported, expected to land in Houston on sexual assault charges

Cody Wilson, (the guy who created blueprints anyone with a 3D printer could use to make a gun they could theoretically commit an unsolvable crime with) paid a 16 year old girl who he met on “sugardaddymeet” for sex in Austin then fled to Taiwan when he heard he was about to get busted. Taiwan sent him back. In more recent news, he resigned from the gun company and a lady took over who still thinks it’s a good idea for untraceable guns without serial numbers to be all over the world. I don’t think this is a good idea. I think rich people should have to be overcharged by shady characters and worry about getting caught when trying to obtain guns that can’t be traced back to them just like the rest of us.  (wink)

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