With Family Like This…


See Original: College Station woman charged after attacking family member, authorities say-The Eagle.   Police are called to a domestic disturbance. They interview a drunk lady with cuts on her body. A relative of the lady comes out. Drunk lady screams at her. The relative is treated by an ambulance for lump on her forehead and bloody nose and mouth and claims drunk lady had brought two others into her apartment, beat her with fists and a lamp, then choked her.

I’m left wondering if the apparent victim knew her relative’s potential for this and should have had her door locked and not let her in. Also, I am reminded that self-defense workshops should include defenses against front chokes.

Uber Danger for an Uber Driver and Passenger

See Original: Uber driver in Florida shot and killed man who chased after him in self-defense, authorities say-ABC 13. See Original: An Uber driver killed a man threatening him in ‘classic stand-your-ground case,’ Fla. sheriff says. -Washington Post.   A man, on probation for battery, smoking meth, believed his estranged girlfriend had gotten into the Uber. (Actually, the passenger was a friend of hers she had escorted to the car.) He aggressively followed the Uber with his truck and threatened to shoot the driver. The Uber driver, a concealed weapon permit holder and police academy graduate, eventually shot him dead.

Another reminder extreme people danger can happen to anyone quite suddenly. Lucky he had a gun as I don’t see any other way to handle this situation.

Crazy Lady Uses Car to Kill Nice Neighbor

See Original: Driver in fatal crash accused of stalking victim’s wife– My Plain View.  New Hampshire neighbors’ feud turns fatal-Boston Herald. Crazy lady, while drunk, runs her car into older couple walking their dog. The man and dog died, the wife is in the hospital. They were currently packing to move out of the neighborhood because of how crazy lady had treated them over the last year.

“I am in fear of my safety and my family’s safety due to Ms. Costello’s erratic, aggressive, accusatory, frightful and threatening behavior,” Erin VanDalinda wrote in the September 2017 court filing.

“A couple of times I saw her yelling — from the back porch and out front — yelling obscenities over towards the VanDalindas’ house,” neighbor Brian Henderson said. “I didn’t even see Stephen and Erin respond to it. They never tried to battle back in any form whatsoever.”

They knew the situation was bad, but apparently didn’t know how bad. What do you think, should they have known not to walk outside their house? Should they have left the neighborhood earlier, abandoning their home?