Yoga Studio Shooting 1-min. summary with self-defense tips

Summary of the Yoga Studio Shooting

Friday November 2nd a man with a history of posting disturbing (anti-women) YouTube videos walked into a yoga studio in Tallahassee Florida. He pretended to be interested in studying with the group but then began to shoot at seemingly random people. One member of the class attempted to stop the yoga studio shooting by grabbing the gun while the shooter reloaded, but the shooter got it back. The same man then grabbed a broom and struck the shooter who, at some point, took his own life. Two are dead, two are recovering in hospital, including a woman who was shot nine times, and a few more have already been treated and released.

Here are resources for more information:

Self-Defense Tips from the Yoga Studio Shooting

1) Improvised weapons are an important part of self-defense training. What’s around you now that could be used to strike someone? How would you swing it (actually practice, slowly at first)?
2) Attacking a gunman from the side is an important part of self-defense training. Approach from an angle from the back, firmly hold the gun, thigh/kick-to-groin until you can thigh-to-head. Find a FAST Defense or Krav Maga instructor to learn this. Here is a video of how Krav Maga teaches a similar move, but I like the FAST Defense variety better (2 hands gripping the gun) because pulling the gun out of an attacker’s hand can easily go wrong as it did in the yoga studio shooting, and groin kicks incapacitate faster than face punches.
3) People can survive many, many gunshots so don’t give up. Remember, one victim of the yoga studio shooting is recovering with nine wounds! 
4) You never know when a crazy person is going to walk into the door of your business, be vigilant especially if your patrons are not (such as when focusing on movements). Consider keeping the front door locked and only allowing entrance when a “greeter” opens the door. 
To learn more self-defense skills see my books for elementary kids and high-school and college ladies!

Jayme Closs: Short summary with self-defense tips

What likely happened to Jayme Closs, from current media reports:

Jayme Closs was home (Wisconsin, USA, shortly before 1 am Oct. 15) when someone shot-in her front door and shot her parents dead. The person, or people, took her with them as they left. She’s 13 years old and there is no evidence Jayme Closs was anything but a normal, good girl.

So, most likely Jayme Closs has been abducted by whoever killed her parents. It’s been two weeks and, although hundreds of tips have been investigated, authorities don’t know where she is.

You can read more here:

It seems to me, if the attackers were going to kill Jayme Closs, they would have done it when they killed her parents. So, I figure she is with them and alive.

What can you learn here, that might help you protect yourself?

In most abduction situations, the advice is to do anything you can to stop yourself from being taken to a second location. The abductor obviously wants to do something worse than what they are willing to do where the attack started. If they simply wanted to kill you, they could have done it before taking you anywhere.

This situation is different because we have evidence that the abductor was totally willing to kill at the first location. In most non-family abductions, if the victim puts up a fight, the attacker will give up and go away. It seems likely that would not have been the case here.

After a victim has been abducted, what can they do?

Only the person in a dangerous situation has enough information to decide how to protect themselves, but the following will give you some ideas.

  • When Carol DaRonch realized the “detective” whose car she got into (Ted Bundy) was about to hit her with a crowbar, she fought her way free.
  • Elizabeth Shoaf, age 14, was held for 10 days while she gained the trust of her kidnapper, convincing him she enjoyed being with him. When she was allowed to use his phone to “play a game” she texted her mother.
  • Steven Stayner, age 14 (but held since age 7), gained his captor’s trust then found an opportunity to escape and ran to a police station.
  • Tanya Kach, age 25 (held since age 15), told a neighbor her true identity and got their help in escaping.
  • Seven year old Erica Pratt was held for less than a day before she chewed her way through duct tape and broke a window to yell for help.
  • Natascha Kampuch (age 18, held since age 10) saw an opportunity to run to strangers for help while her captor was on a phone call.
  • Kala Brown (age 30, held 3 months) realized police happened to be close to where she was held and made a banging noise until they investigated.
  • Crystal Leske age 28 was abducted by her ex-husband who intended to drive her far from where he took her. She frequently complained of upset stomach and left notes in bathrooms along the way.

So, if you can’t fight your way out before you’ve been taken anywhere, gain the attacker’s trust then either find a way to communicate with people who might get you rescued or find a good chance to run for it.

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Cody Wilson news 2 minute summary

Cody Wilson is in the news again…

Cody Wilson

See Original: AUTHORITIES WAITING: 3D printed guns creator deported, expected to land in Houston on sexual assault charges

Cody Wilson, (the guy who created blueprints anyone with a 3D printer could use to make a gun they could theoretically commit an unsolvable crime with) paid a 16 year old girl who he met on “sugardaddymeet” for sex in Austin then fled to Taiwan when he heard he was about to get busted. Taiwan sent him back. In more recent news, he resigned from the gun company and a lady took over who still thinks it’s a good idea for untraceable guns without serial numbers to be all over the world. I don’t think this is a good idea. I think rich people should have to be overcharged by shady characters and worry about getting caught when trying to obtain guns that can’t be traced back to them just like the rest of us.  (wink)

My Kavanaugh / Ford opinion

My whole twitter feed is about Kavanaugh who might or might not become the next member of the supreme court. Judging by my twitter feed, everyone but me has it all figured out and knows for sure that he is guilty of sexually assaulting a girl when he was in high school or knows for sure democrats made-up the allegations to mess with our political process.

Really? Maybe he did it and maybe he didn’t. Of course a woman who is sexually assaulted may not make this known until she sees a really good reason to. Too, in most cases, I feel that if a person did something really bad 20 years ago and never got caught but never did it again, we should just let it go. Resources should be put in to preventing future bad deeds, not seeking revenge on those who committed past ones. It’s not like we’re afraid he will be a bad judge because he may force himself on coworkers.

But, the process of either putting Kavanaugh on the supreme court or not putting him on the supreme court is basically a job interview. So, I’ve finally made up my mind that we should pick a different candidate for this job. If he is falsely accused, I feel badly about it. But we only get to pick one person for this job and I think we should pick someone else. The side benefit to nobody really caring what I think about this is that education about sexual assault is finally getting the press it should!

See Original: Trump questions why Christine Blasey Ford didn’t go to the authorities right after her alleged assault. Here’s why sexual assault is often not reported.

Amsterdam Stabbing 2 Min. Summary

See Original: Amsterdam authorities say Afghan suspect in stabbing that injured 2 Americans had “terrorist motive.” – Washington Post.  See Original: Amsterdam stabbing suspect had \“terrorist motive,” authorities say– CBS News.

Most recent update I found on the Amsterdam stabbing:  Americans stabbed in Amsterdam thank police for swift action– Lancaster Online.

19 year old citizen of Afghanistan is in city of Amsterdam, country of the Netherlands with a German residency permit. Feeling Islam is insulted in the Netherlands, he wants to do something about it. At a train station, he stabs two randomly chosen people who turn out to be American tourists. He is quickly shot by police. Everyone is taken to the hospital and recovers.

  • It’s more of a hate crime than terrorism, if you ask me. 
  • If you see a stabber coming, yell like crazy and swing your suitcase around. 
  • If you are stabbed, grab the knife hand and control it as much as possible while kneeing or kicking the groin. 

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Airplane Assault (sexual) 3 min. summary

See Ori\ginal: Two men charged with sexual assault aboard planes headed to Sea-Tac; authorities urge victims to come forward-Seattle Times.   What does a woman do when victim of an airplane assault? read on…

One–Rezapour was sitting in a middle row of three seats with an empty seat between him and a 22-year-old woman. She accepted a glass of wine bought for her by Rezapour, after which she became unusually sleepy. She awoke at several points during the flight to find him squeezing her breast and touching her vagina, his actions hidden beneath a jacket. The woman reported the assault to flight attendants, who reseated her in the front of the aircraft.

Two–Stevens moved from the aisle to sit beside a woman, talking loudly and aggressively pushing his attention upon her. He announced he loved killing animals and said, “Who would I have to kill to get a girl like you?” Stevens grabbed at her breast repeatedly and stroked her thighs, despite her pushing him away and telling him to stop. Two fellow passengers reported seeing Stevens’ actions and encouraged her to report the behavior.

Mary Ellen Stone, executive director of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, said … “in the last eight, nine months since MeToo started, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of victims coming forward at all levels, a 20 percent increase year on year.”

I feel so bad for these women. But to you I say DO NOT endure such discomfort as an airplane assault and report it later. Do not accept drinks strange men have touched. If you are in a public situation where there are people “in-charge” like flight attendants and sky marshals and someone enjoys making you uncomfortable yell something like “HANDS OFF MY BREASTS SIR. THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE AND I AM NOT INTERESTED.” Be loud enough that at least ten people hear you. I think someone will change seats with you. If not repeat it loud enough that at least 20 people hear you. Repeat as needed.  (Practice yelling that now please.)

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Sylvain Gauthier, weird attack story, 2 min summary

See Original: 380 Man Lost an Eye Assaulted with a Hammer after He Attack a Pregnant Woman in Montreal.– Live Leak Video   Man fined in violent hammer attack, featuring witness in a cow costume– Montreal Gazette  From what I piece together:  A couple argued as a group passed them. One group member (Sylvain Gauthier) got weird and made the couple leave for the safety of a convenience store. He followed them to the store and aggressively contacted the woman. Her partner struck him with a hammer many times while bystanders tried to help end the confrontation safely. In a questionable judgement, both the partner and man who started the fight were arrested but the man who defended his pregnant wife got a harsher punishment.

So, hammer attacks are survivable. And, you can do a darned good job of making self-defense decisions and still get in trouble. If the defender did anything wrong (in my opinion) it was stopping his strikes a little too late. The self-defense classes I recommend all make a really big deal out of training a person to stop striking once the defender is flat on the ground, as Sylvain Gauthier was.

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Improvised Weapon: Cleaver v. Shovel 1 Min. summary

See Original: Las Cruces man suspected of using meat cleaver in fight– Las Cruces Sun News.  (improvised weapon = a thing, usually used for another purpose, used as a weapon)

A man was to be evicted from a property. He was seen at the property, so a do-gooder took photos as evidence.  When he realized he was being photographed, he grabs a meat cleaver and runs towards the photographer. 
Another man witnessed the incident and started yelling. Then the meat-cleaver guy runs at him while photographer drives away with his baby in the back seat.

The yeller defends himself with a broken shovel handle and sustains only minor injuries.


It’s cool the yelling guy saved the other guy, and that he could use an improvised weapon so well. But, what was the photographer guy thinking?? He had a baby with him, why didn’t he just drive away and call the police? Don’t confront scary people over property crimes. Confront scary people attacking others only if you are willing to accept the risk you may be attacked next.

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Shot over Parking 2 Min. Summary

See Original: Authorities issue arrest warrant in Paulsboro murder– 6 ABC.  Davontae Randall was shot dead after a fist fight, possibly he was shot over parking. His mother implies it started with him almost being hit by the parking car. She says he was “a big teddy-bear” and, to his killer: “Me being a Christian woman, I have to forgive him to start my healing, so I forgive him. I want him to turn himself in. That way I can get justice and closure for my son.”

Can a “big teddy-bear” get in a fist fight after almost being hit by a car? Actually yes. Adrenaline clouds thinking and can turn a forgiving person into a fighter. Can fist fights surprise you by turning into gun fights? Oh yes they can. So, that’s how a person can end up shot over parking. Train to avoid fist fights and you limit your chances of being shot over parking. FAST Defense courses are a great way to do this! 

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Andrea Buera suing Trey Songz 1 Min. Summary

See Original: Woman sues Trey Songz after authorities decline to file charges in domestic assault case-Page Six.   Andrea Buera has known rapper Trey Songz for a while. I guess they dated. At a party in February, she claims he was upset about her talking to another man and choked her and punched her until his bodyguard pulled him off of her. She had him arrested, but LA District Attorney interviewed witnesses and declined to file charges. Now she is filing a civil lawsuit against him.

Besides the obvious question of who’s telling the truth, I wonder…

  • Are all rappers trouble? Trey has certainly been in trouble before.
  • Are all women who hang with male rappers trouble?
  • Do celebrities get away with too much?
  • Does TMZ report honestly? Comments accuse them of emphasizing black men in trouble but I thought they kinda took Trey’s side.
  • Would witnesses at a celebrity party be likely to tell the truth, or to lie for a “friend”?
  • Did Ms. Buera not get supporting evidence from doctors soon after the incident?

If you are ever the victim of an assault, you should document it with professionals asap just in case you decide to pursue legal action later.

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