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Young Ladies People Dangers Book Cover PictureInfo and resources for Not Prey: Facing the 7 People-Dangers for Young Ladies

Book one of this 3-book set received awards. It won GOLD AWARD from the Nonfiction Book Awards. And, it won gold in a category of the 2018 Human Relations Indie Book Contest! This people dangers book introduces ladies age 14 to 24 to use of our 5 natural self-protection tools. Additionally, it explains how different self-defense situations are best handled differently. Book two details how skills are specifically applied to each people danger. And, book three covers complicated situations such as sexual assault, defending from the ground, and protecting others. It is expected late 2018.

People Dangers Book for Elementary Kids Cover Picture

Info and resources for Defeat Bullies and Bad-Guys: Kids Can Face the 7 People-Dangers 

Written at an easy fourth-grade level, this people dangers book¬†introduces elementary age kids to use of brain, voice, and body for protection against bullies, kidnappers, and all other people-dangers. It tied for Silver in a highly competitive category of the 2018 Indie Human Relations Book Contest! And, parents and counselors can use the 10 teacher’s pages to turn this book into ten lessons between a half and full hour each. Hardcover version recommended for counselors.

Info and resources for What Could You Do? (the 7 people dangers book for preschoolers and kindergartners)

Info and resources for Find Your Focus: Marketing and Advertising Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Fighting Sport

Future books:

  • Facing the 7 People-Dangers for Middle-School Girls
  • Facing the 7 People-Dangers for Middle-School Boys
  • Facing the 7 People-Dangers for Young Men
  • Facing the 7 People-Dangers for Women
  • Facing the 7 People-Dangers for Men
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