Andrea Buera suing Trey Songz 1 Min. Summary

See Original: Woman sues Trey Songz after authorities decline to file charges in domestic assault case-Page Six.   Andrea Buera has known rapper Trey Songz for a while. I guess they dated. At a party in February, she claims he was upset about her talking to another man and choked her and punched her until his bodyguard pulled him off of her. She had him arrested, but LA District Attorney interviewed witnesses and declined to file charges. Now she is filing a civil lawsuit against him.

Besides the obvious question of who’s telling the truth, I wonder…

  • Are all rappers trouble? Trey has certainly been in trouble before.
  • Are all women who hang with male rappers trouble?
  • Do celebrities get away with too much?
  • Does TMZ report honestly? Comments accuse them of emphasizing black men in trouble but I thought they kinda took Trey’s side.
  • Would witnesses at a celebrity party be likely to tell the truth, or to lie for a “friend”?
  • Did Ms. Buera not get supporting evidence from doctors soon after the incident?

If you are ever the victim of an assault, you should document it with professionals asap just in case you decide to pursue legal action later.

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