Amsterdam Stabbing 2 Min. Summary

See Original: Amsterdam authorities say Afghan suspect in stabbing that injured 2 Americans had “terrorist motive.” – Washington Post.  See Original: Amsterdam stabbing suspect had \“terrorist motive,” authorities say– CBS News.

Most recent update I found on the Amsterdam stabbing:  Americans stabbed in Amsterdam thank police for swift action– Lancaster Online.

19 year old citizen of Afghanistan is in city of Amsterdam, country of the Netherlands with a German residency permit. Feeling Islam is insulted in the Netherlands, he wants to do something about it. At a train station, he stabs two randomly chosen people who turn out to be American tourists. He is quickly shot by police. Everyone is taken to the hospital and recovers.

  • It’s more of a hate crime than terrorism, if you ask me. 
  • If you see a stabber coming, yell like crazy and swing your suitcase around. 
  • If you are stabbed, grab the knife hand and control it as much as possible while kneeing or kicking the groin. 

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