Airplane Assault (sexual) 3 min. summary

See Ori\ginal: Two men charged with sexual assault aboard planes headed to Sea-Tac; authorities urge victims to come forward-Seattle Times.   What does a woman do when victim of an airplane assault? read on…

One–Rezapour was sitting in a middle row of three seats with an empty seat between him and a 22-year-old woman. She accepted a glass of wine bought for her by Rezapour, after which she became unusually sleepy. She awoke at several points during the flight to find him squeezing her breast and touching her vagina, his actions hidden beneath a jacket. The woman reported the assault to flight attendants, who reseated her in the front of the aircraft.

Two–Stevens moved from the aisle to sit beside a woman, talking loudly and aggressively pushing his attention upon her. He announced he loved killing animals and said, “Who would I have to kill to get a girl like you?” Stevens grabbed at her breast repeatedly and stroked her thighs, despite her pushing him away and telling him to stop. Two fellow passengers reported seeing Stevens’ actions and encouraged her to report the behavior.

Mary Ellen Stone, executive director of the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center, said … “in the last eight, nine months since MeToo started, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of victims coming forward at all levels, a 20 percent increase year on year.”

I feel so bad for these women. But to you I say DO NOT endure such discomfort as an airplane assault and report it later. Do not accept drinks strange men have touched. If you are in a public situation where there are people “in-charge” like flight attendants and sky marshals and someone enjoys making you uncomfortable yell something like “HANDS OFF MY BREASTS SIR. THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE AND I AM NOT INTERESTED.” Be loud enough that at least ten people hear you. I think someone will change seats with you. If not repeat it loud enough that at least 20 people hear you. Repeat as needed.  (Practice yelling that now please.)

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